USANA Slim Down Treasure Hunt

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Do you remember treasure hunts?  My friends and I used to make clues for each other to follow, included with pictures and fun activities along the way.  Then when my boys were growing up, we had treasure hunts for birthday parties, egg hunts, those oversized Christmas gifts ( the basketball goal) and just for fun in the summer.


Summer Slim Down Treasure Hunt *

USANA Summer Slim Down Treasure Hunt

Slim Down Treasure Hunt #slimdowntreasurehunt


This summer I’m ready for some FUN!   I’ll be sharing clues across social media. Search for the hashtag #slimdowntreasurehunt and subscribe to my my healthy tips newsletter TODAY.  These clues will include quick tips to help you slim down and healthier over the summer while having fun.

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Prizes?  Of course!  


No treasure hunt is complete without prizes.  I will be offering free USANA products, gear, healthy living cookbooks, and more.  There will even be a GRAND PRIZE for one lucky winner.


When does it begin?  How long will it last?


Sunday, June 1 to Sunday, August 24


I will post my first clues on my Facebook page and at G+ USANA.  Every Wednesday I will post the largest and best clue in my newsletter.  A new prize for the Slim Down Treasure Hunt will be awarded each week on Sunday, so keep playing to win! Be sure to make a comment at each treasure site so I can count you in for prizes.  Those who post the correct answer for the current week’s treasure will be entered into a drawing for the week’s prize.


Hint: While looking for clues, watch for the flying robin, and the hashtag #slimdowntreasurehunt!


Live Well!



* Summer Slim Down Treasure Hunt Prizes are not available for current USANA Associates 

Feel free to have fun with the hints and tips though!

10 Healthy Tips for Eating Out

eating out

Some of us eat out only once a week or less.  Others make eating out a daily occurrence.  Everyone loves to eat out at restaurants for special occasions. Whether you rarely eat out or regularly eat restaurant meals, when you are trying to be healthy, become empowered by taking responsibility for your food choices with these healthy tips for eating out.

10 Healthy Tips for Eating Out

  • If you eat bread, have it WITH your meal, not before it.  You will be less likely to fill up on empty calories.
  •  Avoid rice or pasta based meals- instead choose brown rice or whole wheat pasta for side dishes. Tomato based sauces are healthier than cream based.
  • Ask for grilled fish or vegetables using little butter or oil
  • All meats need to be grilled, broiled, roasted or baked without added fat
  • Salad with Dressing On The Side!  Balsamic vinaigrette or vinegar and oil are the healthiest dressings.  Dip your fork in your dressing First and then go to salad.
  • Order a la carte instead of the full plate dish.
  • Order main dishes without sauces- always order on the side, and dip the fork into the sauce FIRST and then take a bite of the main course.
  • Soups may have a lot of sodium, but go for tomato or vegetable based instead of cream based soups
  • Dessert should be low-fat or fresh berries and fruit.  If you do indulge, spit the dessert with a friend, be sure to have eaten a healthy entree, and don’t beat yourself up if you CHOOSE decadence.
  • You DON’T have to eat it all! Really! You can choose to take some home, no “clean plate club” necessary!

Live Well!



What are Super Foods?

super foods

Super Foods Don’t Have to Come From a Mountain Top or the Deepest Jungle.


I make a habit of eating 6 or more servings of super foods a day.  Most people think super foods are rare berries or exotic grains and roots you’ve never eaten before.  So, am I munching on goji berries and seaweed?  Not exactly!

What is a Super Food?

Super Foods are foods that are unprocessed and unrefined.  Most people call them Whole Foods. Super Foods can be a fruit, a vegetable, bean, organic lean meat, organic egg, nut, seed or grain.

It may even come in a package, depending on the ingredients.  For example, a bag of dried beans has only one ingredient: beans.  And a bag of frozen peas is the same.  Just look on the package!

Under this criteria that healthy sprouted whole wheat bread is NOT included as one of my 6 a day.  It’s still a healthy choice for most people, but just not one of the super foods.  See the difference?

Should Super Foods be Organic?

To avoid excessive exposure to antibiotics and/or growth hormones, if I were eating meat or eggs, I would make sure that it was organic.  In general, when buying fruits and vegetables, follow the rule that if you eat the skin of the fruit or vegetable, buy organic.  If you peel the fruit or vegetable, my may choose to not buy organic.  Many people have heard of the Shopper’s Dirty Dozen guide which is quite helpful, too.

Sample Day Eating at Least 6 Super Foods

  • Breakfast: Bowl of steel-cut oats and a cup of organic blueberries (2 Super Foods)
  • Morning Snack: One organic apple and a small handful of raw almonds ( 2 Super Foods)
  • Lunch: Large leafy green organic salad  with a variety of organic vegetables, a sprinkle of chopped walnuts, organic feta cheese and organic chicken ( 2 Super Food servings) We only count the servings, even though there is a variety of super foods in the salad.
  • Afternoon Snack: 1/4 cup homemade hummus with a handful of organic cucumbers and organic carrots.  ( 1 Super Food serving)
  • Dinner: Salmon, a serving of quinoa with homemade sauce, and steamed asparagus. ( 3 Super Foods)

You can now see how easy it is to include at least 6 servings of Super Foods.  The above example includes 10! Comment with examples of your own favorite Super Food combinations.  I can always learn more from my readers!

Live Well,


Stop the Carb Cravings with USANA RESET

flying robin

It would be nice if food were just a collection of calories and nutrients. But for most of us, it’s not.

Food is packed with wonderful things like flavor, memory, love, happiness, and comfort. It’s those things that can complicate our relationship with something we can’t live without.

With Summer Slimdown in full swing, there’s never a better time to reshape your relationship with food.

And you’re not alone. You have friends, family, coworkers, and others are looking to hit the reset button on their eating habits, make a positive change, and lose weight, too. USANA has tools and products to help you trim down.

Powerful Products Stop the Carb Cravings

Change isn’t easy. When it comes to eating habits and weight management, change is hard-won. It’s a process. And that process starts when you hit the reset button.

You are ready to reshape your body and your relationship with food, and support your digestive health in the process. We have digestion and detox products to help support healthy, natural detox processes and digestive health, so your body is ready for healthier eating habits.*

Here are the products that can help make the change a little bit easier:

You can find them all at

Getting Started:

5-Day RESET Kit—Everything you need to get started. Low-glycemic foods help kill cravings, and the plan takes the day-to-day decisions and temptations out of the equation. It’s a big, important first step to a healthy weight and relationship with food.†

Digestive Health:  

Fibergy® Plus—Just a scoop added to your Nutrimeal™ shake can help you manage hunger and feel more sated. It’s the perfect companion to the RESET program, and a must for supporting healthy digestion.

Hepasil DTX™—When you start losing fat, it can release stored toxins, which can further stress your liver. That’s why our liver-health supplement has choline, which provides added support by helping move fats out of the liver.

USANA® Probiotic—Years of poor eating habits can really do a number on the bacteria in your gut, which is at the core of good health. Start replenishing the good guys to bring balance back to your belly.

USANA® Digestive Enzyme—As you add more to your diet in the Transform phase, you could experience some discomfort. Taking one to three tablets before a meal can help. It also ensures optimal macronutrient absorption so you get the most out of the meals you’re eating.

Digestive Health

The Difference Is You 

Great products help. A solid program helps. But it all comes down to you.

You are the most powerful tool you have to help you, and those around you, lose weight and improve their eating habits. Nothing is a more powerful force for change than your desire to be the healthiest, happiest version of yourself.

So get started TODAY.  I am here to help hold you accountable, support and encourage you. Together we can achieve so much more.  I believe in you! It is possible to stop the carb cravings and enjoy life!

Be Well,