Eat Well: Quit Dieting

Eat a high nutrient to calorie ratio for good health.

Eat a high nutrient to calorie ratio for good health.


Eating for good health requires eating a majority of high nutrient to calorie ratio foods, such as those listed in this food pyramid by Dr. Fuhrman. The good news is that you’ll find a variety of delicious foods on your journey to better health and a disease-resisting lifestyle.

Quit Dieting

We are a society obsessed with losing weight and dieting. In fact, we spent about $40 billion annually on weight loss programs, according to Rebecca Reinser of Business Week.

Restricting calories and using fad diets may work….temporarily. The problem is that your body resists, and any weight you may have lost is found again.

The problem is less how much we eat (although  the super-size-it society is problematic)  but what we are eating. The below graph shows what happens when we eat a typical carbohydrate based breakfast of cereal, toast and fruit.  Our blood sugar is spiked resulting in a corresponding insulin spike.  When our insulin levels rise, our bodies go into fat storage mode.

Blood sugar spikes with typical carb based breakfast.

Blood sugar spikes with typical carb based breakfast.


The increased insulin level results in a rapid decline in blood sugar so tiredness and hunger set in.  We crave carbohydrates once again, overeat, and the cycle continues, leading to glycemic stress.

Glycemic stress has a negative effect on our whole body, causing an imbalance of our hormones, our brain chemistry, and our immune system.  We lose insulin sensitivity, develop chronic inflammation and ultimately many of us end up with a chronic degenerative disease.

 Healthy Lifestyle Solutions    

Start by developing a few simple healthy habits. Never skip breakfast, and make sure it includes protein, complex carbohydrates and heart healthy fats. One easy option when you are not used to eating in the morning is to drink a USANA Nutrimeal shake in the morning.

Enjoy more fresh, nutrient-rich whole foods daily, including leafy greens, apples, broccoli, citrus fruits, and berries. Avoid processed foods and nutrient poor foods, such as sweetened breads and sodas.

Choose snacks such as olives, nuts, plain popcorn, hummus dip with cut up vegetables, yogurt, or string cheese.

Remove crackers, chips, pastries and sweetened drinks from your house.  Make your environment safe from your cravings.

Consider a 5 day sugar-busting cleanse.  USANA’s RESET program eliminates the carbohydrate cravings and allows you to focus on changing your eating habits while your body stabilizes blood sugar and begins to increase insulin sensitivity.*

The RESET is not a diet, but a jump start to a new healthy lifestyle. You can find this sugar-busting cleanse on my website at:

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Be Well! 


How I Survived a Summer Without a Kitchen… and Still Managed to Eat Healthy


How to Survive a Summer Without a Kitchen… 

Oh, what an embarrassing picture! This is what happens when the entire contents of a full kitchen are “dumped” in an home office. This previous summer, we started a journey– a journey of renewal. We had made the decision to live in our house through a whole house renovation project. As my mother said, we chose this road.

On the whole, it wasn’t been too bad.  I promise, I did manage to organize my office better!  BUT it was challenging to cook healthy meals each and every day.

Most families in our situation tend to eat out more often, buy frozen dinners, or otherwise use convenience foods more than usual. I knew that my health and the health of my family would suffer, so I was determined to offer fresh, whole foods (almost) every day.


My Office Kitchen


My Bare Bones Kitchen

This is my bare-bones kitchen:  an electric skillet, a cutting board, knife and serving spoon, and a good pair of scissors.  Add a crock pot, and I am good!

I had saved a number of healthy eating cookbooks, planned to use our grill and our dutch oven, and was mentally prepared to “camp” all summer in our house.

Then came the rains… and the clouds of mosquitoes.  No more grilling for me!  Think of me, running up two flights of stairs preparing food and checking on the grill at the same time avoiding a thorough soaking.  Nope!

Fresh Fruits and Veggies, Simple Cooking, and Healthy Meals

What saved us was the weekly Produce Box with the freshest local produce available delivered weekly to our door which augmented our home garden.

Fruit and berries are best eaten fresh and uncooked.  So are many veggies: tomatoes and peppers in particular.  The electric skillet became the perfect steamer for crisply steamed squash, corn, and beans.   The crockpot was excellent for cooking rice and quinoa, as well as an occasional pot of black beans.

Nothing fancy, nothing that took much time at all to cook, no large clean-up needed (perfect as our son’s tub became our kitchen sink).  All was Healthy and Delicious!

We are thrilled with our home renovations. The experience taught me that there’s no reason you can’t make healthier meals — even if you’re working with a makeshift kitchen.

To Your Health!


What We Can Learn from Elite Athletes

Elite Athletes on stage at the 2013 USANA International Convention

 At the 2013 International convention, I had the opportunity to meet many of the elite athletes who depend on USANA nutritional products to support their overall health.  Coming on stage at the International convention to tell their own personal story, they gave thanks for Dr. Wentz and USANA.

It was thrilling to learn how their lives have been changed and to have the chance to shake their hand.  You can’t see me well, but that blur of grey hair at the bottom middle of this picture is my head. :)

Nearly 200 USANA-Sponsored Athletes Participated in the 2014 Winter Olympics

Athletes reigning from 11 different organizations and four countries represented 11 separate sports, including the inaugural women’s ski jumping event.

“We are proud to support these inspirational individuals and organizations and know that they will represent USANA and their respective teams and countries with a sense of dignity, as they compete for top honors,” said USANA Chief Communications Officer Dan Macuga before the events began. “We wish them all the best and look forward to watching them secure their places in history at these Games.”

What Can We Learn From Olympic Athletes?

Like many of us, I wait with anticipation for the Olympic Games every 4 years.  I love watching these athletes break through both physical and mental barriers to achieve their personal best, and perhaps win a medal or two.

Their positive attitude and their willingness to keep going through the pain of training, injuries, and competitions can be an inspiration to the rest of us living and perhaps struggling in our everyday lives.

In my previous post, I discussed goals and goal setting.  Huge goals of setting a performance record, losing a large amount of weight, or meeting a professional achievement can seem daunting.  By working on our own personal development and breaking these large goals into smaller steps, we can more easily find success.

For example, losing 100 pounds can be overwhelming.  But if you can determine simple action steps and concentrate on successful, consistent completion of those steps over a longer time period, you are more likely to reach their health goal.

Having the right tools for the job at hand is also important. The athletes participating in the Winter Olympics are certain to have carefully chosen the right skis, snowboards, skates and sleds. Probably many of these tools have been designed especially for the individuals using them.

Every athlete also has one very important tool to maintain- their own body. The added stress to their bodies during intensive training and competition is certain to increase the chance for illness, often at just the wrong time. Providing their bodies with excellent nutrition and immune support allows athletes to concentrate on their performance and not become side-tracked by illnesses.

We can support our own bodies in the same way, following the example of these elite athletes. Whether we are wanting to maintain our health, have a health challenge to overcome, or simply want to become healthier than before, providing our bodies with the best nutritional building blocks will only help us be happier and healthier.

I would love to help you on your health goals. A great way to get started is by taking the online Health Assessment.   Click Here to take the Assessment and then contact me for a free 20 minute consultation where we can discuss your personal goals.

Be Well!